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$20,000 TOTAL GOAL



We Take REFUGE in HIM as He Calls Us Forward.

And we REJOICE in the GOODNESS He has for UKRAINE."




Unfortunately, Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine continues. Fierce fighting on the eastern front has heightened, and the call for freedom is ever stronger. In the fog of war, so often it is the marginalized and defenseless who get left behind and disregarded. No matter where you land on the subject of war and chaos, it is no secret that aid does not always make it to the weak and vulnerable who need it most. When they are trapped on the front lines, who will risk the danger?


For this very reason, this March, we join together for Ukraine: March for Freedom.


When war broke out, we never imagined ATC would play such a key role in reaching people who have been trapped on the front lines, but the Lord provided the funds to go and be a light during a time of intense fear and uncertainty. On our team’s most recent trip, they found themselves in a town that had not received aid for 8 straight months. Tears streamed down the faces of families as our team delivered relief and food just as Ukrainian and Russian forces prepared to attack each other only 1500 feet away.


With all the aid that is pouring into Ukraine, unfortunately not enough of it is making it to people who need it most. This is why we are raising funds to return once again to Ukraine and minister to the marginalized and downtrodden on the front lines. Will you come alongside us and bring hope to Ukraine. It feels like an incredible feat to raise $20,000, but we know the impact will be profound to those who are caught in a senseless war. Just $20 will provide food and aid for a family of 4 for a week, and $80 will provide for them for a month. Every bit helps as our team prepares for this trip to go to these dangerous and difficult to reach places.


We March for Freedom. We Hope in Jesus. We Take Refuge in Him as He Calls Us Forward. And we Rejoice in the Goodness He has for Ukraine.


Help us bring aid directly to people stuck on the front lines in the war in Ukraine!


“Let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy
Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.” Psalm 5:11

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