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The village of Akuak Rak --- Answering the Call's longest-standing field --- is located in the northwestern part of South Sudan, in the state of Northern Bahr el Ghazal. This region is the homeland of the Dinka, a South Sudanese tribe that was targeted during the Civil War by Khartoum soldiers and a fundamentalist Islamic militia of Darfurians. The small village of Akuak Rak bore some of the most devastating fighting during the Civil War in Sudan that finally ended in 2011. 

In 2008, we began working alongside local churches and the region's Men and Women of Peace.



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In response to interest from local pastors and evangelists, we have also provided theological training. Consequently, Akuak Rak has become a base of sorts, a launching pad for reaching people groups beyond the village.


Together we have launched projects to reach the a tribal group of Darfurians, the very tribe that once brutalized many of the Dinka people. In fact, many of the pastors and evangelists come face-to-face with those who have raped, tortured or killed family members in front of them.


Today, our focus is on establishing projects in Akuak Rak that will lead this village to become increasingly self-supportive. 


We have purchased the first herd of 25 that has now grown to 32 cattle. These will continue to be cared for, bred, and sold to create a source of income for the village year after year. The Cattle Project will provide a sustainable way to pay teachers, buy school supplies and the medical clinic stocked.

Mary Made Sewing Project | January 2020

Mary Made Sewing Project | January 2020

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