We believe God is actively involved in establishing His Kingdom all over the world, and that He has given us the same call that Jesus gave his disciples when He sent them out: "Go and find the man of peace." In every region we enter, we first find the man or woman of peace: an individual who has a God-given vision for their community. 

  • Santino is one of Sudan's "Lost Boys," Fleeing his village as it was burned and many were killed he led a group of hundreds of other children on a walk through South Sudan into Ethiopia. While a refugee in Ethiopia and Kenya, Santino heard the news of Jesus and his heart was radically changed. After 3 years he returned home to lead the conversion of his entire village to Christianity at the age of 17. He began planting churches in the Bahr Al Gazelle region in South Sudan among the then Unreached Dinka people. For the past 11 years, ATC has partnered with Santino to offer emergency relief to his people, training for pastors and evangelists, initiate development, and ultimately spread the Gospel.


    Santino Bol Akok

  • James fled his village as young boy when it was under siege from an extremist Islamic group. As he fled to Khartoum by jumping on the top of a train, he suffered the loss of his father and separation from the rest of his family. Undaunted by this as he arrived in Khartoum, he continued his eduction studying theology and evangelism. ATC first met James eight years ago in an evangelism training mission. He became a key partner with ATC three years ago, as he sensed a unique call to evangelize the Darfurians, a nomadic tribe of herdsmen that had devastated his village and even killed some of his family members years before. James now leads ATC's evangelism mission in Darfur, taking the gospel across the border into Sudan with the goal to reach the unreached people group of 300,000. 


    James Akol

  • Growing up in a Muslim family, Yassir suffered greatly due to his conversion to Christianity at an early age. He eventually fled from his home in the Nuba Mountains to Khartoum, so he could work for a family there. While in Khartoum, Yassir received the education and spiritual training he would need to fulfill all that God would have for him in the future. In 2011, when the Khartoum government began to exact genocide in Yassir’s home region, Yassir quickly rushed in, utilizing the education and spiritual training he had received. He felt deep calling to offer the Islamic communities he had come from a knowledge of the biblical truth of Jesus and the good news of salvation, which provides not only forgiveness but hope. For two years now, Yassir has been active in that calling through his partnership with ATC. He has overseen emergency relief shipments, mobile medical clinics, and training of church leaders. 


    Kuti Yassir

  • "Chim Chim" is one of many people in the Middle East who has found himself in a difficult situation outside his home country. Tenaciously, Chim Chim has used the time of displacement to further his education at a theological seminary. He has also devoted himself to ministering, both physically and spiritually, to those in his local area that are in need of rescue from devastating and complex circumstances. As a partner of ATC in the Middle East, Chim Chim has aided us in identifying smaller and typically disadvantaged minority populations where there is opportunity for physical ministry and an openness to evangelism and church planting. Chim Chim's experience and contacts in the region are invaluable in allowing ATC to minister in an effective and direct manner.


    "Chim Chim" - (alias to protect identity)

  • In his teens "Beek” experienced a miraculous healing that led to his conversion from Hinduism to Christianity. Despite his family's disdain toward his conversion, Beek continued to share his faith with his father while away at a distant bible college. When Beek returned home, he discovered his father had become a Christian, only to be killed shortly after in a focused persecution against Christians in his hometown. Beek quickly realized that the persecution had left many children, particularly young children, without parents. ATC was quick to partner with Beek and others to build and establish an orphanage, House of Love, in Asia for the children who remained. Beek continues to oversee House of Love, as well as evangelism and church planting efforts in the region.


    "Beek" - (alias to protect identity)


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